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About our services

Transact Worldwide network members have proven skills and track records in both domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. Our global network has access to an extensive range of strategic buyers, acquisition, and merger candidates as well as corporate financial partners that ensure successful transactions. Through Transact Worldwide, our experts work together to fulfill clients’ domestic and cross-border objectives in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Sell Side
Transact Worldwide has a shining track record delivering high standards buy-side services by positioning the clients for the most value-added proposition.
Selling a business is often the most important ‘transaction’ in a business owner’s life and the sale process requires a high level of competence and absolute focus. With direct access to over 8,000 corporate acquirers, unparalleled access to both domestic and international private equity communities and with market-leading research capabilities, Transact Worldwide prides itself on its ability to identify the target buyer that is able to close a deal and pay the best possible price at a global level.
Buy Side
Experts in our network bring clients to the right targets. Our systematic and tested approach has been helping copious companies in targeting internationally.
Transact Worldwide has extensive capabilities when it comes buy-side, enabling our network to identify the right targets for their clients. Transact Worldwide also provides unrivalled commercial and strategic capabilities. Whether we are helping those in our network get a deal over the line with a pre-identified target or undertaking a broader acquisition search, we are confident resources and extensive global reach to help.
Fund Raising
Many companies face capital access challenges and thus our network creates the ability for professionals to access an exceptional range of strategic and financial investors, globally.
We pride ourselves on our ability to access an exceptional range of strategic and financial investors, both in the UK and overseas. 
An extensive network to identify the perfect partner that can be the catalyst for meaningful growth. Allowing you reach to global partners interested in ‘part acquisition’ and ‘part-hire of third party resources’.
A highly attractive deal for many clients involves the sale of a ‘minority’ stake in their business to a strategic acquirer that is able to provide the infrastructure and resources to assist with the development of their business. Whether it be international sales presence, a stronger brand, additional offices or even more capital, our network opens up a world of new investors.
Ancillary Services
Business owners often require a broad range of services in the run up to their eventual sale. We pride ourselves on the ability to add value in a range of situations.
Furthermore, where the requirement is for assistance in other exit-related areas such as tax, intellectual property or corporate matters, we hold relationships with some of the UK’s leading professional service advisers that are able to support the work that we do to ensure that the advice received by clients is seamless and of the very highest quality.
Transact Worldwide supports firms providing services of restructuring, business review, optimization or negotiation with stakeholders. We aid in helping clients surpass barriers and turnout a completely improved company.
The network gives clients access to capital models, valuation services, shareholder alignment and alternative business models.
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