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At a glance

We are a leading mid-market M&A network which provides clients with unique and unparalleled access to a global audience of International acquirers that are interested in acquiring, and investing in, UK based businesses.

Transact Worldwide is a global network of International Corporate finance practices in over 38 countries, allowing you to work with ‘best of breed’ for key sectors in key geographic markets.

Transact Worldwide is made up of a range of strategic buyers, acquisition and merger candidates, as well as financial partners. Being a part of the Transact Worldwide network increases the likelihood of a successful transaction.

The network conclude dozens of deals each year in many different business sectors. Many of which are generalists with multi-industry experience, although we also number industry specialists among our ranks.

Being able to identify and access International counter-parties dramatically increases the chance of a successful outcome for clients and the approach used by Transact Worldwide, whilst subtly different to the status quo, is far more focused and produces superior results. 

Transact Worldwide does NOT accept instructions directly from clients.  Instead, local Clients engage with 'local' M&A Advisers and it is these M&A Advisers who work with their International counterparts from the network.  Fees of the local partner are shared with network partners on a deal by deal basis, with the promise that this will not impact the fees paid by clients.  

At the core

Offering unique and unparalleled access to a global audience of International acquirers with the sole intent of aiding clients to achieve business growth strategies whether this is through acquisition, divestment, sale or international joint ventures.

Transact Worldwide is a network of independent corporate finance firms operating globally to support clients in domestic and international transactions.

Transact Worldwide supplies corporate finance firms with practical, hands‐on advice for conducting successful cross‐border M&A transactions, as well as giving them a large pool of potential acquirers to chose from that they would not otherwise have such ease of access to.

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